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Mold Leads

Mold removal is big business, but without good quality mold leads, your company is missing out on additional revenue, a strong community presence and additional opportunities. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the mold removal industry outlook from 2012-2022 predicts a growth of 14 percent for employment stability. This means that all mold remediation companies stand to make a healthy income in a growing industry, but do you find yourself struggling to get those plentiful mold leads? All too often a mold abatement business will get dead-end leads from outdated database systems or from homeowners who think they have a mold problem but the time wasted in offering a free inspection simply reveals an odd dirt or oil stain. Bad leads can discourage mold remediation companies from trusting other mold removal lead generator professionals. But here is something that will perk your interest; our 911 Restoration mold leads company has been providing members with a high volume of good-quality mold inspection leads since 1978. We take pride in increasing the business seen by our members in the mold remediation field from San Diego to New Haven, CT. If our leads system didn’t work, we wouldn’t be in business because in order for us to exist,we need to be successfully supporting every one of our mold inspection companies on a monthly basis. If you need more mold leads contact us and we will show you how to elevate your business free of charge, with zero obligation.

How Can I Get Good Quality Mold Leads?

Mold abatement companies must be discerning and research any business that promises high quality mold leads. We understand your concerns; you have probably been burned by paying someone money for a stack of mold leads that never panned out. Quality is everything. That said, if our 911 Restoration mold leads division could show you a way to get a high number of good quality leads, increase your profits and enhance your public image, you would at least sit down and listen for 20 minutes, right? Of course you would! This is why our mold removal leads company invests in industry professionals like your self, and we disclose everything. We don’t buy generic mold leads from a real estate source or a contractor’s database; our professionals research leads, call and qualify each one, and after we determine it is an A-grade mold lead, we promote your business to the customer so that when you speak to him for the first time, the client has already gained your trust and the familiarity is already in place. At 911 Restoration we don’t just stop at farming good quality leads when we qualify the homeowner as a paying customer; we also promote your brand to help encourage that client to spread the word after you have successfully performed your mold remediation services.

How can I Increase my Business Reputation in the Community?

High quality mold leads don’t just add extra dollars into your bank account; they also help form vital relationships with members of the community. The need for a mold inspection is often an experience that weighs heavy on a homeowner’s emotions. They might feel ashamed, embarrassed, scared or all of the above. After we give you the best mold leads with a paying customer waiting for service at the end of each one, you can showcase your professionalism and sympathy while performing your mold remediation services. Because good quality leads are connected to homeowners with real emergencies that need immediate help, you will have the luxury of responding quickly when you are needed the most. When you rescue the home and family by offering your expert mold removal services, they will not only pay you but will recommend your company to their friends and family. But our mold leads division doesn’t stop there; our skilled mold removal customer service team then follows up with the customer and drives brand loyalty by asking if they were satisfied with the service-just an extra step to show the community that you care and are available 24/7 in any emergency. In other words, good quality mold leads build equity in your brand!

Quantity and Quality: Mold Leads that Put Money in the Bank

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take a family vacation somewhere abroad once a year? Do you feel like you are prepared for your future retirement? You work hard, so don’t you think you should be able to afford that fancy new Harley so you can play hard too? The mold abatement business is booming, and if you aren’t claiming the best mold leads all that extra money and security is going to your competition. Mold leads play a big part in the “numbers game”-typically 1 in 100 leads may translate to a paying customer, but with a large national mold leads team working hard to research and qualify only the best leads for you and you alone, you can expect your mold leads to more than triple! Not only will the extra income allow you a better lifestyle for the now, it will help secure a healthy retirement for the future.

How can I find the Best Mold Leads?

There are a lot of mold leads companies out there that farm contractor and realtor databases and that research county records for specific keywords. These are the lowest quality leads, but oddly enough they are also the most common type out there in the mold removal industry. When a contractor goes to a home to perform an inspection, his notes get recorded into public documents. Real estate agents also get this kind of information and they sell it to low-quality mold leads companies. These leads are terrible because the data is almost always old and meaningless. When looking for a company that offers high quality mold leads that will usher a healthy ROI, you should ask your self the following questions:


  • How long has the mold leads company been in business?
  • Do they make their system public knowledge, or are they hiding something?
  • What is the typical ROI their clients see every quarter?
  • Are they available 24/7?
  • Do they have a proven track record of success?
  • Do they use a detailed screening process before dispensing mold leads?


Our 911 Restoration mold leads team has been openly talking about our mold inspection leads referrals for over 35 years. We are also the only company to divulge our methods while educating potential clients with a free, no obligation meeting in which we get to know you and your business, and show you how you can boost your revenue with no strings attached. We never stop working for our clients and are available 24/7, 365 days a year with a proven record of providing successful leads for the past three decades. When you partner with us, you can say bon voyage to those “stab in the dark” types of mold inspection clients; all our mold removal candidates have first been qualified to the highest of standards before you speak to them. Everything you need to be more successful right now is a phone call away. You owe it to your business and to your future to make every right decision count. Call us today and let us show you why our mold leads turn over the highest profits in the mold removal industry!

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